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Learning Chinese language is interesting for many people who showed willingness to learn this language. If you find it interesting to learn as well, in a Mandarin language school in the neighborhood you will never find it difficult to locate one because the popularity of this language has become prevalent around the world.


Indian School of Business

Indian School of Business, By curtis Palmer via Wikimedia Commons

As a matter of fact, seeing the loads of benefits gained by people who learned Chinese language such as connecting business with China and the profession of people that work in collaboration with Chinese-speaking individuals, learning this language attracts innumerable teenagers and adults to study and learn.


According to the latest news, in spite of the similarity of China and India’s number of population, and their existing closeness to each other, they have never become good neighbors. It was marked in the history of these 2 countries about relationships of Sino-Indian ever since the independence is turned over to subcontinent, but it has undergone hostility that reached to the position for military forces to take action.


However, even if these 2 countries haven’t become 100% friendly alliance, but the economy of India depends on its Communist neighbor, and it is China which is India’s biggest business partner. Fortunately, the alliance of the 2 countries in business has developed since 2005 from a little billion dollars last 2001 of $74bn and it was over $55bn that China invested in India.


Because the boundary of the 2 countries is the language barrier, Indian people from students to adults are striving to learn Mandarin Chinese, wherein some of them study abroad programs in China to prepare themselves for their future’s sake where China may govern; and so more and more Indian businessmen, executives, and students are learning Mandarin Chinese language nowadays, especially those who wish to build business in China.

Due to this, there are several Indian Business Schools are currently offering Mandarin language program as a non-compulsory course along with one mandatory part of their syllabus, according to the Indian publication Mint report. Indeed, the friendly alliance of India-China is even more developing.


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