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Learning languages is one enjoyable and fascinating activity you can spend your time, effort and money on since it is very useful and beneficial in the future and even at present.  Learning a language can help you expand your horizons and have a better understanding of the world that is why it is essential that you start to learn as soon as you can.  There are so many ways in leaning a language.  Learning languages in language schools can be very helpful as they help you attain your goals in language learning by helping you learn the basics such as vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and pronunciation; and it is also ideal to learn in a language school which is located in a place where the native language is your target language in order for you to be fully immersed in its natural environment and be exposed to the culture where it hailed from.  However, how do you learn languages through other techniques?  Are there easier, cheaper and more convenient ways in learning languages?

Learning languages through music is one of the many language learning techniques which is easier than and not as expensive as other language learning tools.  Music is interesting and it plays a significant role in the language teaching and learning process by bringing life to the language.  Music is international and it is used worldwide for communication and it can be enjoyed and shared by people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  It enables language learners to relax in their learning atmosphere where music affords a pleasant environment to the process of learning.  Music can make language learning interesting since it can easily catch the language learners’ attention, and it reduces tension and pressure in learning the target language as well.  Music has a very powerful effect in a person’s memory; songs learned during childhood can still be recalled word for word when one grows older regardless of what language the song is in as long as it was repeatedly heard during the learning process.

Language teachers use songs and music in their classrooms for various reasons and the main reason is that it creates a good atmosphere in the classroom.  It is also easier for students to relate to music as part of entertainment rather than as a learning task.  Music with the target language as lyrics is more interesting when repeated many times over than just the usual reading and pronouncing of words repeatedly.  Music enhances the ability of the language learners to remember words easily and it can really help in shortening the period of time in learning a new language.  Music can help language learners build confidence in learning a new language since it has a carefree feel to it, not as strict and formal sounding than the usual language learning methods.

Language learning through music is one great language learning supplement.  However, it is not totally recommended as an absolute language learning technique since not all songs teach how to formulate sentences and apply correct grammar to statements; a more formal approach is needed for such elements to be mastered.  Music is considered a good supplement since it makes language learning interesting and fun especially to those who are in the beginner level.  Foreign language words in a song are easier to remember and in many ways they reveal something of the culture where the language came from.  Songs can also reveal emotions and feelings which makes a language learner easily associate certain words to certain emotions.

So the bottom line is, learning languages through music is very helpful in honing your memory with the words of your target language and it also helps you keep interested in learning the language.  Music helps create an interesting and pleasant atmosphere for language learning and it can help you relax and become confident as you learn the language.  Music crosses barriers and it also bridges gaps and differences that is why is very useful in becoming familiar with a language which is not your own.

Learn languages through music and listening to songs in your target language!  Incorporate the beauty of music to your language learning program and find it that you will learn your target language easier, faster and merrier.

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  1. leah pedersen Says:

    my name is leah and i am a teacher student in denmark
    in my bachelor assignment i write about how music can help students to become better at speaken. especially when they are learning a second language. so do you know any school or any persons i could interview.
    yours sincerly leah

  2. roger Says:

    i am from san antonio, texas, i was looking for a pen pal in italy, cause i would like to learn italian.

  3. Jane B Says:

    I can relate to this ! , I’ve heard some goody things about this blog ! I bookmarked it on my favorites and will visit it again for more interesting posts like this one, Thanks

  4. christopher Says:

    Hi ,
    I’m french and live in Bangladesh for some years ..
    I’ve decided to start some coaching center to teach french , english and spanish … trough songs , singing being one of my passions … a local friend of mine will provide the curriculums and myself I’ll help for proper pronounciations , vocabularies etc … through songs ..
    Anybody can help me to get infos about these types of teaching activities though songs around the world or you can share with me your own experiments …

    Thanks , CHRISTOPHER

  5. FireWrath Says:


  6. Tim Reynolds Says:

    Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

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