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Climates of Italy

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If you plan to travel to Italian-speaking countries like Slovenia, Monaco, Malta, France, and more, you should at least know the basics of Italian language to protect yourself from possible catastrophe. Learning Italian Language can be a great help to be on familiar terms with the words that describes harmful issues. You can prepare for the coming bad weather by watching TV for weather updates. This is essential for the security of your family while in the foreign country.


For example, if you are on vacation at Italy without knowing that a typhoon is coming to the location where you are situated, let the language be not the barrier to save yourselves. Learning Italian Language can support you ideas with reference to what the News is all about. Italian-speaking broadcasters are easily understandable if you have the capacity to comprehend the basic vocabulary. Here is sample translation of Italian words on weather vocabulary into English language:


l’aria – air

la pioggia – rain (noun)

il barometro – barometer

piovere – rain (verb)

la tormenta – blizzard

il ghiaccio – ice

la neve – snow

Nevica – it’s snowy

il clima – climate

la tempesta – storm

la nuvola – cloud

Nuvoloso – cloudy

il temporale – cloudburst

il sole – sun

C’è il sole – it’s sunny

Fa bello – it’s nice

il crepuscolo – dusk

Fa freddo – it’s cold

la nebbia – fog

C’e’ la nebbia – it’s foggy

Fa caldo – it’s hot

il gelo – frost

E’ gelido – it’s frosty

la foschia – mist

Piove – it’s raining

C’e’ il vento – it’s windy

il lampo – lightning

la luna – Moon

il bollettino meteorologico – weather report

la precipitazione – precipitation

To learn Italian Language is helpful for traveling purposes. So before you set out to the country of Italian language land of origin, it is practical to take online foreign language classes without pressuring your time. Research for interactive online learning resources paid or free, you can study and learn by your own pace. Like Italian language you can also learn English Language if you like. Self-studying from a variety of online learning resources is extremely recommendable.


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