Should the teaching of French be mandatory in educational institutions in Ghana?

Should the teaching of French be mandatory in educational institutions in Ghana?

There are problems arising from authorities and educational institutions and well-functioning organizations about the need to teach and learn the French subject compulsory in the various educational institutions in Ghana, especially at the elementary school and university level. Ghanas strategic position on the African continent is often cited by many of these advocates for the mandatory introduction of French subjects in educational institutions in Ghana. Neighbors who share the borders with Ghana are largely Francophonic countries, including Togo, Benin, Côte dIvoire and Burkina Faso. In order to improve bilateral relations and social interactions, advocates argue for the compulsory learning of French language, which is the primary way of interacting with members in these countries.

Also, there are often many educational opportunities sometimes wholly or partly funded in many francophonic countries of the world. In order to increase the chances of young Ghanaian elites to pursue further studies in such countries, it would certainly increase their opportunities to place and express themselves in the French language in their educational institutions.

Furthermore, several linguists are more beneficial than individuals for employment and employment placements. This is often true in the area of ​​hospitality and tourism where workers interact with customers from different countries and speak different languages. Being able to speak French aside from the English language would be an advantage. Business tycoons in Ghana who are well-known in the French language often get the opportunity to have transparent business transactions with their French partners without any problems. This ensures the marketing of their companies.

Despite these benefits, there are many obstacles that can hinder the approval of the compulsory learning of French subjects as part of the curriculum that will be taught students in educational institutions in Ghana. The cardinal problem has to do with increasing interest in the learning of French language. The language is seen by many young and mature Ghanaian students as very difficult. This unfortunate picture of the subject is attributable to the contempt of the former French teachers, who lacked patience to address the students learning fraud. As such, many are afraid of just mentioning to learn French. Another big challenge is associated with the low enrollment of teachers who choose to learn the French language in the different higher institutions to learn in education in Ghana. The always staggering numbers of internship teachers for the French subject result in a higher deficit in teachers to teach the many students spread in the various educational institutions in Ghana.

There is also the lack of educational resources and effective technology in education institutions in Ghana to increase interest and reduce stress in teaching and learning the French subject. This has been the ultimate source of the frustrations that are often experienced by teachers and students in the French subject in Ghana.

In addition, because French is a language, many educators are very concerned about language learning difficulties for students of high ages in higher education institutions in Ghana. Thus, they argue that learning of the subject would be very effective if it begins in the early childhood development of the lower education levels.

The teaching and learning of French is very important and the government and other companies must therefore help to arrest the standing blocks for effective teaching and learning of the subject. Schools must, for example, have the necessary resources, such as textbooks, audio and video files that would increase interest in the learning of French language. Trainee teachers must be encouraged and offer incentives in the form of scholarships and scholarships to choose the specialization in French teaching so that the challenge of lack of French teachers would be limited. The teaching and learning of the subject must also start from the elementary education levels, in the students formative steps, so that the interest in learning the subject can be encouraged in the early stages of their education career.

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